Mandatory Dashboard Update for Xbox 360 HDMI Audio Patch

Date: Tuesday, February 03 @ 08:04:36 UTC
Topic: Xbox Live

Tuesday 3rd Feb, 2009: 2:00am PST: A new mandatory dashboard update will be available when you next connect to the Xbox Live Service on Tuesday. The update (patch) is to address the issues that a few people have been having with the HDMI audio & video. The update will be rolled out to all Xbox 360 Users Worldwide.

It seems alot of HDMI-connected gamers lost all audio after the last dashboard update, and a Major Nelson has reported the fix is finally on the way in the next update. According to Major Nelson, it's due to arrive February 3 at 2:00 a.m. PST in a mandatory dashboard update that should address th...

Let's hope this sorts those issues so M$ can get back to developing another new feature for us all instead of patching.. :) Eitherway, enjoy the best console on the market!

As always if anyone experiences issues after the update be sure to post in our forums.. Enjoy the sites..

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