Unreal Tournament 3 Gives Best Mods To 360

Date: Sunday, April 20 @ 15:42:07 UTC
Topic: Homebrew

In an interview with OXM.com Epic president Mark Rein said that the best mods for Unreal Tournament 3 will be for the xbox 360, sorry PS3 fans.

OXM.com then went on to add "Rein confirmed that Epic is talking with Microsoft about getting round the company's reluctance to share user-generated content, and is "cautiously optimistic" that a solution is coming.

He did say that it was unlikely that "user exchanged mods" would be included in the game because it's so close to release, but Epic hope to have a solution at a later date.

This suggests the possibility of Epic trading in mods as down loadable content - effectively publishing the best user-created content over Xbox Live. If that happens, it could be a way for moders to get paid for their work.

I remember back in the day when you had to download your mods from the net and fans made it just because they were fans.

News-Source: OXM.com

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