Rareware Is Revisiting N64

Date: Thursday, January 10 @ 20:47:20 UTC
Topic: Live Arcade

Xbox Evolved has many sources indicating that the classic N64 Rareware title “Goldeneye 007” will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade later this year, as well as many others.

Talking with very reliable sources, and seeing evidence ourselves, Xbox Evolved believes that Microsoft, Rareware, MGM Studios (studio that makes the James Bond 007 movies) and Activision (holds the license for James Bond 007 titles right now) have come to an agreement to bring the Rareware developed Goldeneye 007 out to Xbox Live Arcade shortly before the new game developed by Activision is released.

The title will feature updated graphics, and of course an all-new Xbox Live multiplayer. Not only that, but we have found evidence that Rareware is planning on releasing even more of their back catalog onto Xbox Live Arcade, specifically, Perfect Dark and the original Banjo-Kazooie. Expect more on at least Goldeneye 007 later this year.

News-Source: xboxevolved.e-mpire.com

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