New Piracy Threat Facing Nintendo

Date: Tuesday, November 27 @ 15:09:23 UTC
Topic: Homebrew

A new chip that bypasses the DS security system, allowing users to play pirated games, is threatening to hamper Nintendo’s software sales this holiday season.
The R4 chip, described by The Times Online as the “Christmas stocking filler from hell,” has reportedly become one of the most sought after items in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district.

Available for around £20 on the streets of Tokyo or over the Internet, the product itself is not illegal, but it is illegal to play pirated software, an act which the chip makes possible.

"New R4 shipment has finally arrived! You know what it does! Absolutely no questions will be answered concerning this product," reads the sign at one retailer in Tokyo.

“Guaranteed for one week only! Of course we can’t explain what it will do…” says a sign in the shop just next door.

"We are keeping a close eye on the products and studying them. But we cannot smash them all," said a Nintendo spokesperson following the R4 chip’s introduction to the market.

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