EGM Giving Away 10 360's!

Date: Saturday, October 22 @ 23:14:32 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

' After picking up the newest issue of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) I was flipping the pages and found yet another giveaway. '

Subscribe to their magazine (or renew) using the code in this month and December and January's, and you are entered to win an Xbox 360.

After using the first code, you're entered (and you have a subscription to a great magazine). Then, when you get your next two, you can enter in the code to double, or triple your chances!

They're giving away 10 dream packs. And when I said dream, I mean, dream. Here's what it includes.

-Xbox 360 Console (with launch HDD!)
-4 wireless controllers

-Perfect Dark Zero
-Kameo: Elements of Power
-Project Gotham Racing 3

OFFICIAL Xbox 360 Accessories:
-Xbox 360 Camera
-9 Xbox 360 Face Plates (including several that arent available in the U.S., that's over $190 worth of faceplates!)
-4 Headsets
-Universal Media Remote
-Wireless Networking Adapter
-Memory Unit
-Play and Charge Kit
-4 Rechargeable Battery Packs

But, that's not all boys and girls! You also get a ONE YEAR GOLD Subscription to Xbox Live. That's another 50 dollars!

And finally, they have 5 Runner Ups that can win the Xbox 360 Accessories Travel Case which is a metal, lockable hard case that can hold one game and comes packed with:
-Wireless Controller
-Memory Unit
-Play and Charge Kit

EGM's Really pimpin this deal out. Go pick up an issue, run the code, and sign up. I have. I want that package, BAD! Visit for the rest of the details.


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