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Well with BioShock's release on our doorsteps, thought I'd bring you all up to speed on what has been going on the past week. This is a huge release, and the game is getting remarkable ratings. The Summer drought is over, with this fine release.

Lets start out with the leak of BioShock that happened earlier this week. Seems that Toys R Us slipped up and sold numerous copies of the game. Some people turned around and put these up on ebay. Some fetching over 150.00 dollars. Then theres the faceplates that were handed out by ebgames. These also fetched some high amounts on ebay as well.

Everyone seems to be going crazy over this game, and it hasn't even been officially released as of yet. Release date is set for Tuesday here in the states.

If you haven't grabbed the demo you might want to. Its been on Xbox Live for some time now. Unlike most other demo's this one doesn't spoil the opening level. In the released game, things go quite differently when you play thru the first level. Which is very nice, with most other demo's I found myself forcing myself to play thru a level I've already played. With BioShock I was immersed from the start.

Also Moby, and Oscar The Punk, have been brought in to remix the tunes of BioShock to give it a art deco-meets-sci fi soundtrack. This will be added to the announced Limited Edition version of BioShock, featuring a Big Daddy figurine, a music cd with the soundtrack of BioShock, exclusive packaging, and last but not least a behind the scenes Dvd.

Lets talk about scoring for BioShock, the guys over at had a great news story, covering this very subject. I'll let them inform you.

BioShock has gained eight reviews, and the average is about 9,9 out of 10. According to GameRankings, BioShock needs only two reviews with a rate of 9,7 or higher to conquer the title 'best videogame to date'. BioShock would even beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - which has been on top of the list for years.

Beating out Ocarina of Time, would be a huge feat, I remember playing that game when it came out, and thinking on it, it does deserve to be up there with best videogame to date. But I think its time it came down, and I feel BioShock is the game fit to be the new king.

Id give the game a 11, I've spent quite a bit of time with BioShock, and must say I'm blown away. I'll be playing this for months to come.

Lastly ill end this with a little tip on where to save 10 bucks when you rush down Tuesday on your lunch break, or for you braver folks, call in with a nasty cold. Circuit City is selling BioShock Tuesday for the price of 49.99. Saving you 10 bucks.

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