Microsoft Releasing Charity Tie-In Lumines Live Content

Date: Friday, June 22 @ 22:41:48 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Representatives from Microsoft have announced new content packs for Q Entertainment's Xbox Live Arcade puzzler Lumines Live will be available June 27th, with proceeds from one pack going to climate protection charities to "combat our climate crisis."

Lumines Live will be receiving two extra content packs, the first of which is the 600 point ($8) 'Booster Pack', which will add 20 skins to the game's challenge mode, including 'Bloomy Girls,' a skin produced in conjunction with Japanese artist Masakatsu Takagi (as seen in PSP sequel Lumines II).

Also available will by the 'Tokyo Club Mix Pack' for 350 points ($5), which Microsoft says will bring four skins from the Tokyo club scene, including "Heavenly Star SOS Remix" by Genki Rockets, "House66" by Sugiurumn, "4x4 Bricks" by Techriders and "Cosmic Humming" by Muku.

A portion of sales of that latter pack, otherwise known as the "SOS Charity Campaign Pack," will be donated by Q Entertainment to unspecified "climate protection NGOs and causes," as part of a tie-in with the Microsoft sponsored Live Earth music event.

That event, initiated by Al Gore will see 7 continents holding music exhibitions for 24 hours on July 7th, 2007, including Q Entertainment head Tetsuya Mizuguchi-produced act Genki Rockets performing at Japan's venue.

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Also available with the bonus packs will be four gamer pic packs at 100 points each ($1.50), and a theme pack put together by Lumines art director Katsumi Yokota.

Said Mizuguchi of the charity tie-in, "It is a great honor to have been selected to perform at the SOS (Save Our Selves) Live Earth concert, a massive, globally initiated musical event that will raise awareness and help combat our climate crisis. I was overjoyed and surprised when I received the news."

"It was only a year ago that I started working on Genki Rockets with a simple concept in mind in 30 years from now, what kind of song would a 17-year old girl from outer space who has never landed on Earth sing to those living on Earth? Thanks to this great opportunity, I now feel a stronger connection with our environment and hope that I can contribute my part to preserve the beauty of this heavenly star called Earth," he said.


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