Blaster Fix for Hitachi 46 and 47 Models on the Market

Date: Tuesday, June 12 @ 20:28:23 UTC
Topic: Homebrew

I was scanning around the different modification websites, as I do on a daily basis, and came about something that caught my attention immediately. I just recently got in the firmware modification scene and I was interested in the Blaster 360 for easy access to flashing my firmware considering updates are coming almost at a weekly basis.

I didnt get it initially because I owned a Hitachi 047 drive and read up that the Blaster 360 wasnt compatible with this rom version as well as the 046's. Well, it looks like there is a pcb rebuild on the market for this fix. It looks simple to install.

You can check the product out at this link:

an install diagram pic can be found at this

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