Xbox 360 'A Hell Of a System', reckons Epic's Cliffyb

Date: Saturday, September 10 @ 02:26:32 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski is currently working on Gears of War for Xbox 360 and it appears he's somewhat fond of Microsoft's next-gen console. In a recent blog post, Bleszinski (or CliffyB as he's widely known) called Xbox 360 a "BEAST" and reckons it's "capable of MUCH GREATNESS". Cripes!

And that's not all. Informing us that, where the next-gen as a whole is concerned, we're "in for something special" (CliffyB knows because he's had "more than a taste of what true next generation gaming is going to have to offer") he further enthuses about Xbox 360 saying that "Microsoft is giving you a hell of a system".

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