Real Arcade Controls for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade

Date: Friday, October 06 @ 18:05:34 UTC
Topic: Hardware

You Xbox 360 folks that have been trying to relive classic arcade games on Xbox Live with the poor substitute of a gamepad might just be in luck. We just got word that Ed Farias of Arcade-in-a-Box has created a controller for that system with real arcade controls and a sourced and modified Xbox gamepad.

Check out Ed's snappy handy work in the image above. The prototype you see pictured is a wired version based using a Mad Katz controller PCB. The unit can also be used on a PC using Windows XP.

Here's the rub, Ed's not sure he want's to create these as there is a good deal of time involved soldering the connections properly. His current thought is to sell it as a kit for home users to finish. I think there's a load of demad out there so prove Ed wrong. If you would be interested in a kit or in a completed controller, drop Ed a line at Arcade-in-a-Box and let him know.

The DIY tutorial is available right here on and you can find another DIY build on

Update: I (forahobby) made my own WIRELESS Street Fighter Anniversary Edition Arcade Controller for Xbox 360.. You could basically use the same tutorial as the WIRED ONE but you will have to obviously add a battery and some buttons for the SYNC (which i did easily).


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