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Halo 3 / Crackdown : UPDATE!

Halo 3 / Crackdown : UPDATE!
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,

We're happy to finally announce that the issues being faced with the Halo 3 beta and Crackdown will be resolved shortly. The Microsoft team has found a solution and it's undergoing final testing now.

Assuming the test pass goes according to plan, the fix will come in the form of a Crackdown title update within the next three to six hours.

We understand many of you were eagerly awaiting your chance to jump into the Halo 3 Beta and this technical issue has put a damper on your plans. Thankfully the fix is incoming and we're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Ultimately we hope this will all soon be a distant memory once you pick up the Spartan Laser, launch yourself from a Mancannon and enjoy online shenanigans with your friends.

As a reminder, people who already have the Halo 3 Beta are unaffected by this issue. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have more information.

Source : http://Bungie.net

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Xbox 360 Games: Upcoming Release Dates

Xbox 360 Games: Upcoming Release Dates
Published by: Jbrizzel on Saturday, June 09, 2007
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,

Call of Juarez
Fantastic Four Rise of Sil
Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia
Tenchu Z
The Darkness
Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix
Hour of Victory
The Bigs
Transformers Cybertron
Transformers The Game

NCAA Football 2008
Vampire Rain
Project Sylpheed
All Pro Football 2K8
Two Words

To view full list, select read more.

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x360ce v2.0.2.76 - x360 Controller Emulator

x360ce v2.0.2.76 - x360 Controller Emulator
Published by: forahobby on Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Tagged: Hardware, Homebrew, Xbox 360,

ToCA has just released a new Xbox 360 controller emulator (a wrapper library that translates the xinput calls to directinput calls).

"Xbox 360 Controller Emulator" allows your controller (GamePad, Joystick, Wheel, ...) to function like "Xbox 360 Controller" on a Windows PC. For example it allows you to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game with Logitech wheel.

360-Hq Homebrew Database: x360ce
360-Hq Download: here
Official Site: here

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World's highest Xbox 360 Gamer Score sells HDD on ebay

World's highest Xbox 360 Gamer Score sells HDD on ebay
Published by: manof360 on Monday, October 09, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Xbox 360,

The worlds highest Xbox 360 gamers points account holder has put up on eBay his hard drive containing his XBL account. Rance6 as he be known says it took him almost 5,000 hours to build up to his position - so far the auction has reached $6,000 and it will rise...



I am selling cause PS3 coming out.



Ebay.Com: http://cgi.ebay.com

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How to Tell if a 360 has the new Falcon Chip!

How to Tell if a 360 has the new Falcon Chip!
Published by: GAMExxOVER on Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Tagged: Hardware, Xbox 360,

It is not news that the Xbox 360 has some serious tech issues and it breaks a lot more than it should. Fine. MS has changed the chip configuration and there are some benefits to see if the Xbox 360 you are about to buy is the right one.

Here is how:

All you need to do is look at the UPC symbol and see the 175W, which is the wattage for the newer power supply. This confirms that a Falcon chip (65nm) is inside and not the Zephyr (90nm chip), which is an older model.

The Falcon chipped models have a much less chance of failing due to aluminum heat sinks and uses much less power so will be a lot quieter.

News-Source: Loot Ninja

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Wheelman: Release Date, Mission Modes, Weapons and DLC

Wheelman: Release Date, Mission Modes, Weapons and DLC
Published by: forahobby on Thursday, February 05, 2009
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360,

With Midway's release of "Wheelman" coming up, we have gone to all the trouble to link all HQ users with the latest trailers, videos, game info and screenshots right here on HQ.

Find out more info about "Wheelman" for Xbox 360 with recent leaks and info from the game developers. Game modes, unlockables, weapons and plans for DLC.

Will you be getting "Wheelman" for Xbox 360???

"Wheelman" is an upcoming action game that is being developed alongside the forthcoming Vin Diesel movie with a expected release date of Mar 20th 2009 (US).. "Wheelman" has 15 side missions broadly split into 7 unique categories. 15 missions can be found per category, all of which tie into the game, but are in addition to the main story arc.

"Wheelman" Mission Categories
  • Fugitive
  • Contracts
  • Street Showdown
  • Taxi
  • Hot Potato
  • Made to Order
  • Rampage

Side missions unlock bonuses such as weapon/ammo caches, garages, tuning shops and taxi points that help you through the main story, as well as earn achievements or trophies. Each side missions shows up on your PDA map and sends you an email once it is unlocked.

"Wheelman" Gameplay and Weapons
Wheelman Screenshot 5075"Wheelman" has a soft lock auto aim system that a lot of games use effectively, which is now considered the norm and it also has an over the shoulder and close free aim views for those shooter fans that want more of a challenge. Foot gameplay is still very Hollywood action. Milo Burik against a horde of bad guys in stunning locations.

Wheelman includes plenty of fantastic set pieces, exploding barrels and breakable environments, including breakable cover. As for weapons, the game is set to have all the standard weapons you would expect to see, including pistols, sub machine guns, machine guns, assault rifles and grenade launchers.

"Wheelman" Downloadle Content DLC??
Midway will deliver Downloadable Content just like side missions unlock bonsues and can easily introduce new side mission types or give players more of the popular types.

For example, the Street Showdown side missions are street races with a difference: you can use the vehicle melee and special moves to take down other opponents so you either can beat them in a straight race or destroy them so you are the only one to finish! Add to this the ability to Airjack and change vehicles mid race and you have an extremely versatile and tactical game mode. If DLC proves to be popular (as I’m sure it will), Midway could release more street showdown missions with different routes, objectives, vehicles or opponents.

For more detailed information on "Wheelman" for Xbox 360 please be sure to visit the 360-HQ Games Database which will cross link you to all of our "Wheelman" content including News, Screenshots, Videos & Trailers, Reviews, Cheats & of-course achievements once they become available.

360-Hq Game Database: Wheelman for Xbox 360
Official Site: wheelman.com

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