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Welcome to the My Collection area which is shown to all members who browse your profile.. Add all the games you own to your collection.Number of Games: 71
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My Collection

TitleGenreHQ RatingMy RatingMembers
Arcana Heart 3Fighting807
BastionXbox Live Arcade8.50135
Batman: Arkham CityAction/Adventure8.80887
Battle FantasiaAdventure7.5025
BlazBlue: Continuum ShiftFighting8.3054
BorderlandsFirst Person Shooter/RPG9.101573
Borderlands 2First Person Shooter/Action9.201042
BRINKFirst Person Shooter8.60443
BulletstormFirst Person Shooter/Sci-Fi8.80622
Call of Duty: World at WarFirst Person Shooter/Action8.502335
Castle CrashersXbox Live Arcade9.50717
Crysis 2First Person Shooter8.70664
Dark SoulsAction/RPG7.60588
Dark Souls IIAction/RPG8.70115
Deadliest Warrior: The GameXbox Live Arcade80126
Devil May Cry 4Action/Adventure8.30540
Duke Nukem ForeverAction7.10405
El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronAction/Adventure7.5037
Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestAction/Adventure8.60227
Fable HeroesXbox Live Arcade7.8059
Fallout: New VegasAction/RPG8.501020
Far Cry 2Action7.80635
FezXbox Live Arcade6.5081
Forza MotorSport 3Racing/Driving9.001055
Garou: Mark of the WolvesXbox Live Arcade7.4021
Geometry Wars EvolvedXbox Live Arcade8.00416
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2Xbox Live Arcade90271
Guardian HeroesXbox Live Arcade8.4045
Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo ClimaxXbox Live Arcade6.5016
Halo 3First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi9.003175
Halo 3: ODSTFirst Person Shooter8.501681
Halo 4First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi9.301501
Halo WaypointOther8.801591
Halo: ReachFirst Person Shooter8.602238
Hard Corps: UprisingXbox Live Arcade7.6050
Joe Danger Special EditionXbox Live Arcade8.4043
L.A. NoireAction/Adventure8.60821
Left 4 DeadFirst Person Shooter/Sci-Fi901548
Madden NFL ArcadeXbox Live Arcade7.80126
Marvel vs. Capcom 3Fighting8.90345
Mass EffectAction/RPG8.901273
Metal Gear Solid HD CollectionAction7.50159
Metal Slug 3Xbox Live Arcade8.60111
Mortal Kombat 2011Fighting9.00662
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DXXbox Live Arcade8.20171
Portal 2First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi9.30595
Portal: Still AliveXbox Live Arcade9.20222
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsXbox Live Arcade8.50163
Quake Arena ArcadeXbox Live Arcade9039
Rayman OriginsAction/Adventure70217
Resident Evil 4 HDSurvival/Horror8.40140
Rock of AgesXbox Live Arcade5.7035
Skate 2Sports/Extreme Sports9.10480
Skate 3Sports8.50386
SkullgirlsXbox Live Arcade9.1027
Soul Calibur VFighting8.50197
StackingXbox Live Arcade7.6061
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online EditionXbox Live Arcade8.2062
Street Fighter X TekkenFighting8.20178
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD RemixXbox Live Arcade8.10222
Super Street Fighter IVFighting8.70267
Tales of VesperiaRPG8.60161
Tekken 6Fighting8.70395
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimRPG9.101422
The King of Fighters XIIIFighting7.7031
TMNT: Turtles in Time: Re-ShelledXbox Live Arcade7.10209
Trials EvolutionXbox Live Arcade9.20368
Trials HDXbox Live Arcade8.80699
Trouble Witches NEOXbox Live Arcade7.5021
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