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About My Collection

Welcome to the My Collection area which is shown to all members who browse your profile.. Add all the games you own to your collection.Number of Games: 584
Last Activity: January 2, 2009

My Collection

TitleGenreHQ RatingMy RatingMembers
1 vs. 100Xbox Live Arcade7.90532
3 on 3 NHL ArcadeXbox Live Arcade7.80170
3D Brick Breaker RevolutionWindows Phone 7804
3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2Xbox Live Arcade8.1057
4 Elements II Special EditionWindows 88.5030
50 Cent: Blood on the SandAction/Shooter7.40202
A Kingdom for KeflingsXbox Live Arcade7.30359
A World of KeflingsXbox Live Arcade7.50394
Ace Combat 6Flying8.30270
Adera: Episode 1Windows 88.50113
Aegis WingXbox Live Arcade6.95656
Afro SamuraiAction7.40236
Afterburner ClimaxXbox Live Arcade8072
Age of Booty Xbox Live Arcade7.6093
Alan WakeSurvival/Horror8.60738
Alien Breed EvolutionXbox Live Arcade7.6058
Aliens vs PredatorAction/Shooter80369
Aliens: Colonial MarinesFirst Person Shooter/Sci-Fi7.70189
Alone in the DarkAction7.20259
Alpha ProtocolRPG7.20177
AlphaJaxWindows Phone 79087
Angry BirdsWindows Phone 78.1079
Angry Birds ClassicWindows Phone 80022
Angry Birds Rio (WP)Windows Phone 89024
Angry Birds SeasonsWindows Phone 89020
Angry Birds Space (W8)Windows 89026
Angry Birds Space (WP)Windows Phone 80015
Angry Birds Star Wars (W8)Windows 88052
Angry Birds Star Wars (WP8)Windows Phone 80028
Arkadian WarriorsXbox Live Arcade7.67106
Army of TwoFirst Person Shooter7.98983
Army of Two: The 40th DayFirst Person Shooter7.70537
Asphalt 5Windows Phone 7007
Assassin's CreedAction/Adventure8.410250
Assault HeroesXbox Live Arcade7.27157
Axel & PixelXbox Live Arcade6035
Babel RisingXbox Live Arcade7.309
Backyard Sports: Rookie RushSports/Baseball7.5021
Banjo-KazooieXbox Live Arcade8.00275
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsAction/Adventure8.30318
Banjo-TooieXbox Live Arcade7.70117
BastionXbox Live Arcade8.50135
Batman: Arkham AsylumAction/Adventure8.701108
Batman: Arkham CityAction/Adventure8.70883
Battle: Los AngelesXbox Live Arcade7.2062
Battlefield 3First Person Shooter/Modern8.901410
Battlefield 4First Person Shooter/Modern8.20460
Battlefield: 1943Xbox Live Arcade9.20622
Battlefield: Bad CompanyFirst Person Shooter/Modern8.510998
Battlefield: Bad Company 2First Person Shooter/Action9.301423
BattleshipWindows Phone 7004
BattlewagonWindows Phone 77015
Beards and BeaksWindows Phone 7805
Bejeweled 2Xbox Live Arcade6.80382
Bejeweled LiveWindows Phone 78033
Bejeweled LIVEWindows 80031
Beyond Good & Evil HDXbox Live Arcade7.50206
Binary DomainAction/Shooter8072
BioshockFirst Person Shooter/Action9.010970
Bioshock 2First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi8.70804
BioShock InfiniteFirst Person Shooter/RPG9.20688
Blacklight: Tango DownXbox Live Arcade7.40111
BlackSite: Area 51First Person Shooter/Action7.30172
Blades of TimeAction8024
Blazing Angels 2: Secret MissionsFlying6.9085
Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWIIFlying6.66108
BlobsterWindows Phone 7004
Blue DragonRPG8.07223
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