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“Fable II” Gets Second Game Add-on

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“Fable II” Gets Second Game Add-on

“Fable II” Gets Second Game Add-on
Published by wes213 on Monday, April 06, 2009
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,
I was starting to think that Lionhead Studios might have just moved on and forgot about Fable, well i was wrong and now it looks like i am going to need to add a few more MS points to my stock pile.

Fable II Screenshot 4750

The future of Albion awaits discovery. In the latest game add-on for “Fable II,” the award-winning role-playing game that has sold more than 2.6 million copies worldwide, players will encounter challenges unlike anything a hero has faced before. Available in May exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Microsoft and Lionhead Studios keep the “Fable II” adventures going in “See the Future,” an action-packed journey that requires players to lift the curses placed on three mysterious items that have come into the possession of Murgo the Trader.

In “See the Future,” players will be given the chance to heed the call for a hero to restore color and balance to the world, or let Albion fall to the wayside. Those who emerge victorious will receive the ultimate reward: a quest that provides a vision of Albion’s future and what lies ahead for those born into the heroic bloodline. The fantastical new quests in “See the Future” will bring players face-to-face with new characters, creatures, events and legendary artifacts, including:

Murgo: Having first met him during the childhood sequence of “Fable II,” Murgo returns to Bowerstone Market to bring an amazing array of new wares, including potions that can transform canine companions into new breeds.

The Ghosts of the Snowglobe Quest: Holding a disturbing secret, the small model village inside it was once a real town in Albion. The people who once inhabited it are now ghosts condemned to endless torment until the shadowy threat that cursed them is defeated.

The Cursed Knight Quest: Forever banished to a land beyond the dead, the Cursed Knight awaits a hero who has the strength and will to dress up in convincing costumes, even imitating a hobbe or balverine, to save him from his fate.

The Colosseum: The Colosseum puts even the Crucible to shame. Only the greatest heroes have triumphed here. Players’ abilities will be put to the test to prove themselves in combat once and for all, to win the ultimate in prizes.

In addition, “See the Future” offers free unique items* to all, including Welley’s soldier helmet and other clothing, a braided ponytail and other hairstyles, psycho Jester make-up, a new hero expression, the back flip trick for canine companions, and a collectible Murgo the Trader gold statue.

The “Fable II” “See the Future” game add-on will be available for download exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in May for 560 MS Points for the premium content package.

“Fable II” is available exclusively on Xbox 360 and is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB and PEGI 16 +.

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You, or a friend, performed a perfect expression and impressed a villager. Heroes are such a posers.
55 gamerpoints
The Whippersnapper AchievementThe Whippersnapper
A child Hero collected five gold pieces for a fateful purpose.
2525 gamerpoints
The New Hero AchievementThe New Hero
Thag the Impatient has been defeated. Albion has a new Hero.
5050 gamerpoints
The Archaeologist AchievementThe Archaeologist
You, or a friend, excavated a site discovered by the dog and found something.
55 gamerpoints
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Fable II

LionHead Studios


- Oct 21, 2008
- Oct 23, 2008
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