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People Lining Up For Xbox 360 Exclusive In Japan?

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People Lining Up For Xbox 360 Exclusive In Japan?

People Lining Up For Xbox 360 Exclusive In Japan?
Published by wes213 on Thursday, August 07, 2008
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,
It is nothing new to sat that Japan has not given the XBOX the warmest welcome in the world or that the XBOX sales are more then lacking for that side of the world but Microsoft has made a dent in the Japanese market with a single game and Kotaku has the details of this small victorie.

Kotaku said: Check Hell, because we think it's official frozen over. That right there was the line at the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera earlier this morning for Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia. It was over a hundred people — small potatoes for, say, a Poké launch, but shocking for an Xbox 360 title in Japan. The game and an Xbox 360 went on sale, and there was a stage event with the game's creative producer Yoshito Higuchi and producer Tsutomu Gouda, telling fans how that they created a beautiful looking Tales for the Xbox 360. Joked Gouda:

Even though the Olympics are starting, everyone please enjoy playing Tales of Versperia.

Pro wrestler Wataru Sakata, who is married to Wii Fit spokesperson Eiko Koike, was also on hand to help promote the game and do the countdown to game's sales launch. Reader Jamie, who emailed us from the event, puts it in better prospective: "Queues are small but they're selling a steady stream of consoles."

News-Source: kotaku.com

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Tales of Vesperia Achievements (50)

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Secret Mission 6 AchievementSecret Mission 6
Raven used Serpent to set a trap for the Gigalarva and prevented it from healing itself.
55 gamerpoints
Secret Mission 1 AchievementSecret Mission 1
Defeated Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks.
55 gamerpoints
Defeated the Adephagos AchievementDefeated the Adephagos
You defeated the Adephagos with Duke! A new world begins. A world without blastia.
200200 gamerpoints
Speedster AchievementSpeedster
Whoa! Easy! Could you be any faster?! Relax. Take your time. There's much more to discover...
1515 gamerpoints
First Strike AchievementFirst Strike
Took out your enemy in a single shot! Master this technique to gain advantage in battles.
2020 gamerpoints
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 Most Recent Unlockables for Tales of Vesperia (29)
   UnlockablePublished by
World Map - Keep world map data.
Unlock Battle Rank - Unlocks Unknown difficulty mode. (Super Ultra Godly Hard)
Unlock All Skits - Able to view all skits, even ones you haven't seen yet, at the Skit Viewer at Nam Cobanda Isle.
Titles - Keep all of the titles you got for every character.
Skills - Keep all mastered weapon skills for all characters.
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- Aug, 2008
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