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1942: Joint Strike Releases For XBLA

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1942: Joint Strike Releases For XBLA

1942: Joint Strike Releases For XBLA
Published by wes213 on Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Xbox 360,
In a parallel world reminiscent of our own WW II era, pilots take to the skies with stylized aircraft carriers and devastating weaponry. Inspired by the popular eighties arcade series, 1942: Joint Strike combines classic top-down vertical shooting with updated 3-D HD graphics.

1942: Joint Strike Screenshot 4843

Take on massive waves of incoming enemies while dodging explosions and missiles, as you face off with huge enemy bosses in death-defying dogfights. Recruit a wingman locally or online to pull off new "Joint Strike" attacks, combining the powers of both aircraft in one explosive barrage. With new weapons and power-ups in your arsenal, prepare to rejoin the battle!

  • Game:1942: Joint Strike
  • Developer: Backbone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Genre: Coin-Op Classics
  • Release Date: 7/23/2008
  • Console: Xbox 360
  • Price: 800 MS points

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     Latest 1942: Joint Strike Screenshots (4)
    1942: Joint Strike screenshot #48441942: Joint Strike screenshot #48431942: Joint Strike screenshot #48421942: Joint Strike screenshot #4841
     Most Recent Trailers for 1942: Joint Strike
    1942: Joint Strike E3 Trailer
    Currently Ranked: 870 of 2135

    Published on February 3, 2010 05:02:05
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    1942: Joint Strike Achievements (12)

    There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
    Tiger AchievementTiger
    Collect 30 medals.
    3030 gamerpoints
    Padlocked AchievementPadlocked
    Defeat all of the bosses with an S rating in one play-through.
    2525 gamerpoints
    Fangs Out AchievementFangs Out
    Defeat all of the bosses with an A rating in one play-through.
    1010 gamerpoints
    Blitz AchievementBlitz
    Complete the game on the Wing King difficulty setting.
    1010 gamerpoints
    Sharpshooter AchievementSharpshooter
    Get a 90% or better accuracy rating.
    1010 gamerpoints
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     Most Recent Guides for 1942: Joint Strike (1)
       Guide TitlePublished by
    Secret Plane: The Black and Red Shinden
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    1942: Joint Strike


    Xbox Live Arcade

    - July 23, 2008
    - July 23, 2008
    - 2008
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    7.1/10 7.1
    Overall Rank: 361 of 2964
    Achievements: 12

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