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New Game will place you in some of the greatest Disaste..

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New Game will place you in some of the greatest Disasters in recent history.

New Game will place you in some of the greatest Disasters in recent history.
Published by gamexxover on Monday, February 25, 2008
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,
"SURVIVOR", The tital of a new game do out the end of this year by Replay Studios places you dead smack in the middle of some of the greatest disasters in the 20th and recent 21st century.

The span of time between disasters is great and information on the story line is still hard to find.
Will you play as different people in each event or are you some kind of time traveling adventurer looking for an ultimate test, or perhaps you have been sent back to save a key individual that needs to survive for some future event. At this time we have no idea.

Here are some of the Disasters you will be able to test your survival skills in...

Hurricane andrew 1992
Strikes Florida, excape the unimaginable force of the wind and withstand the disastrous storm.

Mexico City Earthquake 1985
Struck by a fatal earth quake of richter scale 8.1 collapsing buildings, wrecked cars and ruthless looters draw a horrible scene of devastation.

Fire in Paraquay shopping mall 2004
Excape the burning hell of fire and smoke through ventilation ducts, broken stairways and elevator shafts

Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima 1945
Struck by an unbelievable balst in the most horrible disaster mankind has ever seen, hiroshima turns into a scary nightmare of death and horror.

Titanic strikes Icebuerg 1912
Fight your way through flooded decks and crowds in panic to the upper decks and survive the ice-cold water of the sea.

It is hinted that not only will you need to survive but also complete tasks like rescuing/saving other people.

2 other disasters seen on Replay Studios home page but with little detail were the World trade center on 9/11 and a graphic of a large Tornado striking some unknown location.

The game was origonaly slated for earlier game systems and PC but after 3 years of delays will be showing up on the PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

News-Source: SURVIVOR
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