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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on XBLA

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on XBLA
Published by: patto on Friday, August 04, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Castlevania is heading to Xbox Live Arcade.

Kaz Hirai's triumphant warcry of "Ridge Racer" on the PSP led people to believe other key PSOne titles would soon be heading to the PSP via emulation. Apparently Konami missed the memo, as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is making its way to Xbox Live Arcade.

The September issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (issue: 207) reports:

Konami is resurrecting the cult PS1 game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on Xbox Live Arcade. Along with SOTN, Konami is also bringing back other classic hits, some revered (Frogger, Contra, Super Contra, Track & Field) some obscure (Time Pilot), and some really obscure (Scramble).

When will SOTN head to XBLA? Representatives from Konami told 1UP that the game is tenatively slated for a Q1 2007 release on XBLA.

For clarification, the version of Symphony of the Night that will appear on Xbox Live is not the Sega Saturn version of the title, it is the PlayStation version. Furthermore, nothing from Konami has indicated that SOTN's appearance on XBLA will keep the title exclusive to Microsoft's Live Arcade.

News-Source: http://www.1up.com

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Street Fighter II to finally hit XBLA today.

Street Fighter II to finally hit XBLA today.
Published by: sjohn on Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ punches its way into Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays on August 2

One of the most anticipated games of the summer, ‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ hits Xbox Live Arcade today, Wednesday, August 2. The old-school classic from Capcom stays true to its roots with an amazing retro feel, and brings multiplayer action to the classic title for the first time. ‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ melds the best of retro arcade gaming with the preeminent next-gen features that only Xbox 360 and Xbox Live can offer.

As a true tribute to this critically acclaimed arcade fighting game, ‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ delivers the game in original form but also includes all new content specifically designed for Xbox Live Arcade. High definition video resolution, Achievements, Leaderboards, and online multiplayer combat over Xbox Live including the all new innovative "Quarter Match" takes this classic franchise phenom to next generation levels.

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ comes packed with high-definition graphics, Xbox Live Achievements and Leaderboards plus online multiplayer matches providing endless hours of fun.

‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ offers:

* Online Multiplayer Mode - The game has both Ranked matches and Player matches, including the 4-player Quarter Match option
* Quarter Match - entirely new mode for Xbox Live Arcade which is a spectator-based system as a tribute to the arcade roots, allowing online competitors (2 competitors and up to 2 spectators) to use a “virtual quarter” to “buy into” heated two player matches
* Arcade Mode - simulates the single-player experience where gamers must work their way through a ladder of opponents until they face off against the final boss
* Vs. Mode - allows two friends to select characters and battle it out
* Fully customizable controls - players can map attacks to any of the main buttons and have the choice to map all three punches and/or all three kicks to a single button which simplifies complex moves
* Comprehensive leaderboards - tracks overall and monthly best players using a point based system as well as rankings based on who is the best using each game character and most consecutive winning streaks
* Achievements - complete 12 challenging offline and online objectives and earn your Achievements

WHEN CAN I GET IT: Download ‘Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting’ today, Wednesday, August 2, at 1am PST on Xbox Live Arcade.

HOW MUCH WILL I HAVE TO PAY: 800 Microsoft Points for the Full version; however, as with all Xbox Live Arcade Titles there will be a free trial version so you can try this game out.

For more information please visit Xbox.com or hit the 360-HQ games database.

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Galaga Launching On Xbox Live Arcade Today

Galaga Launching On Xbox Live Arcade Today
Published by: sjohn on Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays roll on with the July 26 explosive debut of 'Galaga'

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays continue with the launch of 'Galaga', one of the most popular retro arcade games of all time. Originally released in 1981 by Namco, the addictive action shooter marks its 25 year anniversary with a next generation debut on Xbox Live Arcade on July 26.

Following its release in 1981 'Galaga' became an instant classic with its innovative fighter combination system and varied enemy attack patterns. Now the original 'Galaga' retro gameplay action is back! Take control of your fighter and defend against invading aliens. Join forces with other rescued fighters to form a Dual Fighter and attack with twice the firepower!

With high-definition graphics, Xbox Live Achievements and Leaderboards, the Xbox Live Arcade version of this all-time classic shooting game provides hours of fun.
'Galaga' boasts:

* Classic Galaga shooter action is back!
* Over 250 levels
* 12 unique Achievements
* Earn Perfect Bonuses and increase your fighter status
* Full worldwide Leaderboards
* Unique Dual Fighter combination attack mode
* Original music and sound effects

WHEN CAN I GET IT: Download 'Galaga', Wednesday, July 26, at 1am PDT on Xbox Live Arcade.

'Galaga' (Namco): 400 Microsoft Points

For more information please visit Xbox.com or our games database entry.

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Saint's Row Demo Dated

Saint's Row Demo Dated
Published by: xenokai on Friday, June 23, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Right from the official Saintsrow.com website they have announced the demo will be available August 1st on Marketplace and on Official Xbox Magazine.....

"Gamers will be able to get their hands on a single player demo from Saints Row at the beginning of August. The demo is slated to release through Xbox Live Marketplace on August 1st and it will also be available on the Official Xbox Magazine Cover DVD"

Note: Even tho its officially announced for August 1st this doesn't mean Microsoft will release it on this date. "Like the Prey Demo June 22nd official date" (Read sjohn's "Prey Demo Delayed for 360" News article for details)

News-Source: www.saintsrow.com

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Oblivion Patch Next Week

Oblivion Patch Next Week
Published by: patto on Saturday, June 03, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Coming down the pipe for both 360 and PC

It's been months since Bethesda Softworks shipped The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and while the company's pimped their downloadable content to no end, a patch to fix some of the rough spots that weren't ironed out before release has been long coming.

At least the wait's not far off now. The company confirmed to 1UP that an official patch is in the final stages of development and certification, and should be available for both PC and Xbox 360 users sometime next week.

But what if you don't have access to Xbox Live? The company's looking into a number of options, including bundling the patch onto a disc with the Official Xbox Magazine. "We'll make it available via whatever means are out there for any game to get updates to people playing the game," said public relations head Pete Hines.

News-Source: http://www.1up.com

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Street Fighter 2 Achievements Completely Revealed

Street Fighter 2 Achievements Completely Revealed
Published by: sjohn on Friday, June 02, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Thanks to an insider source we have now uncovered the achievements available for Xbox Live Arcades next big hit, this title is being developed by Capcom and is none other than Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting. We don't currently have the pictures associated with the achievements but thanks to this tip we have all of the points and descriptions to the possible achievements.

12 World Warriors
5 GamerScore
-Play a match with all twelve characters in single player arcade mode.

Hyper World Champion
25 GamerScore
-Complete single player arcade mode without losing a match.

Perfect World Champ
30 GamerScore
-Complete single player arcade mode without losing a round.

10 Ranked Online Victories
20 GamerScore
-Achieve ten wins during ranked online play.

30 Ranked Online Victories
35 GamerScore
-Achieve thirty wins during ranked online play.

5 GamerScore
-Complete a perfect match at the default difficulty or higher in single-player arcade mode

Bonus Bonanza
10 GamerScore
-Complete a perfect bonus round in single-player arcade mode.

World Champ
15 GamerScore
-Complete the single player arcade mode.

7 Stars
20 GamerScore
- Complete single-player arcade mode at the highest difficulty level

I Got Next
5 GamerScore
-Play a match in the online quarter mode.

10 Tokens
10 GamerScore
-play ten ranked online matches

50 Tokens
20 GamerScore
-Play fifty ranked online matches

There you go all of you gamerscore addicts, you now know what you have to do in order to score another 200 points as soon as this game is released.

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