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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 set for XBLA Release!

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 set for XBLA Release!
Published by: forahobby on Thursday, October 19, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Long-awaited arrival of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Microsoft's Xbox 360 downloadable game service set for November.

A decade and change ago there were two fighting franchises duking it out for supremacy at the arcades: Midway's Mortal Kombat and Capcom's Street Fighter. Earlier this year, it was revealed that installments from both series would be released for the Xbox 360 on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service.

In August, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting was released after fans were made to endure multiple delays. Meanwhile, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has yet to be delayed, possibly because it has never had a release date any more exact than "by the end of the year." With 2006 heading into the home stretch, Midway has finally narrowed that window down a bit.

Midway today announced that Ultimate Utimate Mortal Kombat 3 would be available in November, completing a four-hit combo that also consists of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox editions of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (being released this week and next, respectively) and the series' PSP debut, Mortal Kombat: Unchained. Midway has not announced a price for the game yet.

News-Source: http://www.gamespot.com
360-Hq.Com Games Database: http://games.360-hq.com

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Web Surfing The Xbox 360 Marketplace

Web Surfing The Xbox 360 Marketplace
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Thursday, October 12, 2006
Tagged: Live Marketplace, Xbox 360,

Microsoft have just released a nice little touch. How would you like to surf the web to view the latest Marketplace downloads?

Well as from today you can do just that, with Microsoft's new website entitled Xbox Live Pipeline. Updated daily with the latest downloads this could be quite handy for people at work wanting to keep track of the latest downloads.

And although you cannot download from the site, it still offers some useful functions like the Editors Choice where you can view the hottest downloads. And its a hell of a lot faster than browsing using the Xbox's interface. :)

News-Source: www.maxconsole.com

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Dig In To Xbox Live Arcade This Wednesday

Dig In To Xbox Live Arcade This Wednesday
Published by: sjohn on Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Arcade, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

"Dig Dug," the Bandai-Namco classic originally released in 1981 is launching on Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays, tomorrow, October 11. Eliminate the monsters deep beneath Earth's surface by dropping rocks on them or blowing them up until they pop!

Dig tunnels and defeat enemies. Use your harpoon to inflate and pop enemies or crush them with rocks! Earn bonus points by crushing multiple enemies with one rock!

Enhanced graphics including HDTV support (720p, 480p), 12 Xbox Live Achievements and online Leaderboards make this version of the classic game the best yet.

Download "Dig Dug" tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11, at 1am PST on Xbox Live Arcade.

"Dig Dug" (Bandai-Namco): 400 Microsoft Points

Official Site: http://www.xbox.com
360-HQ Games Database: Dig Dug

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Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo

Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo
Published by: JAyoz on Saturday, October 07, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360,

If your following the progress of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition you will be happy to hear that there is a Multiplayer Demo on its way.

Although the release date is vague at the moment by just stating "Coming this Winter.." I can assure you the action looks very good indeed. If you want the check out the action yourself get onto the Marketplace and download the new video from the Bringing it Home section.

Meanwhile here are a few teasing shots of the action:

Click any image to Enlarge

Game Link: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360

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Rainbow Six® Vegas Demo on Marketplace.

Rainbow Six® Vegas Demo on Marketplace.
Published by: sjohn on Friday, October 06, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360,

Contrary to what TeamXbox said about OXM exclusively having the demo, Ubisoft released this press release this morning to let us know that users will be able to download the demo for Rainbow Six® Vegas. This is good news if you subscribe to the magazine only and don't get the demo disk, or if you did not really want to pick up a magazine just to get the demo.

Press Release:
Kicking off the countdown to the game’s release, Ubisoft announced today that the single player playable demo of Tom Clancys Rainbow Six® Vegas for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft will be made available to consumers. The Xbox 360™ demo will be available on the European Xbox Live™ Marketplace™ on 23rd October, 2006.

The single player demo features part of the “Dante’s Casino” level of the single player mission. Players will Observe, Plan and Assault (O.P.A.) their way through the Gothic-themed casino that is under construction and believed to be a hideout for the terrorist leaders.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas will ship worldwide this Autumn 2006 on Xbox 360, Games for Windows and the PlayStationÒ Portable (PSP™) while the PlayStation®3 will be available at European launch.

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Saints Row Content Incoming

Saints Row Content Incoming
Published by: patto on Monday, October 02, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

I'm sure you will agree its well worth the download, especially once you have seen your character in Leather Chaps, Crazy Bunny Slippers, a Sharp Edge Mutton with Eye Patch and a Panther tattoo. :)

The Xbox 360 game Saints Row has just released it's first content download on the marketplace.

The content called Funky Fresh Pack contains 69 additional items to bling out your character. These not only include new Clothes but also new Accessories like an eye patch for all you pirates out there. New Hair Styles such as a Curly Gents Moustache. ;) And some new Tattoos such as a Biohazard symbol.

The price of this first download is a very reasonable 100gp and only weighs in at 14mb for the download.

Here is a breakdown of what’s included in various colours and styles:-

  • Panther
  • Rattlesnake
  • Biohazard
  • Ankh
  • Spider
  • Accessories
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Eye Patch
  • Skull Ring
  • Saints Row Medallion
  • Saints Row Wrist Band

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