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Track and Field

Track and Field Gameplay Guide - Xbox 360 Guide

Track and Field Gameplay Guide
Published by HQM0NSTERB0Y | Page views: 7274

OK no muck'n about straight into it.....

I recommend creating a custom control config. to suit ya gameplay and mashing style....
My setup is RUN "A" and "B" & action/jump button left bumper.

100 Metre Dash
For all my running i press 1 button only and use a sliding technique with a disposable lighter skimming across the "B" button as fast as possible....."Same technique i used all those years ago in the arcade"hehehehehe..

At the start you can commence mashing about a third of a second before the starter fires his pistol to gain around half a second off ya time......

Long Jump
Just mash away as in the first event to maximize power/speed till ya hit the line and the trick is to launch from the center of the line with ya leading foot...This enables a 100% speed increase.

Alternatively a launch from half way before the line will grant the player a 50% speed boost.Optimum angle is 44-46 Degrees....

Same story here lads......Mash away to top speed then action button right on the line to an angle of 42-43% and keep mashing away whilst the javelin is in flight.

This is also where ya get the birdie achievement by running at high pace then pressing & holding ya throw button down till the javelin leaves view at the top of the screen and re-enters complete with a silly looking bird and an achievement for ya...

110 Metre Hurdles
A repeat of the 100 meter dash except the player is required to jump hurdles.Mash away as always to enable maximum speed then hit ya jump action button to launch over the hurdle.

I found the best technique was to jump almost instantly upon landing from the previous hurdle and maintaining a flat out mash with me trusty lighter.....

Hammer Throw
The easiest event by far....Just tap either run action button to start the character spinning on his way . Forget watching him and concentrate on the power bar down the bottom...
Simply tap the throw action button when the metre is between half and three quarters and aim for around 45 degrees....

High Jump
Ah Ha....By far the most challenging part of the game!!!!Don't despair....it really is pretty easy!!!
Tap run button to start[no need to mash yet]
Between the 'm' and the 'i' on the konami banner tap the jump action button to launch jump.DON'T HOLD DOWN!!!!

When player is above the bar then hit n hold the jump action to a degree of round 65 degree's and then again[48-50 Degrees] when player needs to kick up legs and fall clear past the bloody bar.

I know it is frustrating but is a timing thing.....

Oh yeah and whilst ya trying to manage all that ya still got to mash away as fast as possible to create extra height and flight.....

There is also a cheeky lil bonus here if ya can foul on the first 2 attempts then clear the bar on ya third attempt a cheeky lil mole pops his noggin up and rewards the player with a bonus 1000pts....

Extra Lives & Tie Bonuses
All events which result in the same time,distance or height for multiple players award a bonus 1000pts to each respective player involved.

Extra lives are awarded at 100,00pts and every 100,000 there after enable skilled players to rack up a cracking score.The life's enable players to foul out in an event only to pass through too the next level due to there "Extra Life".

How to Maximize Results
It is important to hit,tap ,bash or smash ONLY ONE of the run buttons to rapidly increase speed/power.Configure ya pad so ya can get comfy and mash effectively.

Concentrate on only sliding across the buttons the minimum required distance to be effective allowing quicker movement and faster pace increase.

Timing is also a big factor in ya end result.Try to hit the center of the launch lines with ya front foot to gain ya 100 % speed boost or hit the line just before that to get 50%....A big help with gaining serious distance....

Angle is the third interaction required and various from event to event.A good general rule i try to hit is between 42-47 % which nine times out of ten will qualify ya and give ya chance to mash like never before and go for a world record......

Known Glitch
There is one glitch i know of in the game which can allow players in the hurdles to get ridiculous times such as the 4 sec job on the leader board at the present.I personally dont agree with glitches/cheats that give individual players unfair advantage though i will admit i love looking for them on a social scale......

So sorry no special glitch tip here except to mash hard,mash fast & MASH WITH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Konami for giving us access to one of the most enjoyable co-op classics ever made........... Hope this helps ya all a bit.



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Track and Field Achievements (12)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
Good Form
Complete a legal jump in the Long Jump event with an elevation of exactly 45 degrees.
Big Thrower
Throw the javelin further than 80 meters.
Fast Track
Beat your opponent by more than a second in the 110 Meter Hurdles event.
Speedy Jumper
Complete the 110 Meter Hurdles event in less than 12 seconds.
Super Sprinter
Complete the 100 Meter Dash in less than 10 seconds.
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Track & Field game play guide...
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Track and Field

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