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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
 Rare  |  Nov 12, 2008

360-Hq.Com Review

Difficulty: 2
Learning Curve: 3
Published by: SCARFACE
Date: 2008-12-10

Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts

In this game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts it brings back two characters that gamers have not seen in awhile. With some fun features and some features in the past that will stay in the past like collecting shiny objects across expansive worlds is gone now and is replaced with a few cooler things like a powerful and wonderful creation tool that provides the background for your quest's. Even though there is some bad controls at some times it takes a little to get use to.

Missions can be done in a lot of different and creative ways. The sound track in this game is pretty good and does use some from older Banjo-Kazooie games but still good. Controls for your vehicles can be a bit touchy and you have to get use to it but it is not to bad. The multiplayer is pretty good in this game and fun at the same time. Will keep Adults and kids having a fun time for hours.

Lets say you will not get to bored in this game as the worlds are huge and the level progression is like previous games. The worlds are just amazing and you need a good keen eye to explore everything this game has to offer. Also the Jiggies are back and if you can not remember what these are, they serve as a prize for completing missions and opening up new worlds. Also exploration has been made optional so you are not force to hunt for a lot of things just to complete the mission or world and has been replaced with a series of easy missions.

You still see the music notes that are over the lands but collecting these are also another option for you if you want to yet you might want to as they do serve as currency, so you can buy more parts for your vehicles and that. You can also get new parts just by playing the game as well if you just focus on the action.

With its cool Vehicle creation tool will keep you going instead of trying to figure what to collect next you can have the fun in just making cool new vehicles and that and this time around
instead of relying on Banjo more to get your tasks done you are more now relying on the vehicles that you make to complete the tasks so pretty much the main thing in this game to help you beat it is the building tool and they did make it relatively easy to work with at that. The main requirement for any vehicle you build is you need a seat in there for banjo to sit on other then that its all up to you what you want in it.

Creating tanks with missiles and airplanes with magnets or even a bipedal robot or whatever comes to your head is not fun then i don't know what is. Just creating things may make you lose site in completing missions and unlocking new worlds that's how fun it can be. Now a good tip is try to distribute the weight evenly on your machines you build as if you have more on one side you will be pretty much having a hay day trying to control the thing as the controls can be quite sensitive at times. Even navigating around can be a bit difficult since the sensitivity is pretty touchy if you know what i mean so pretty much prepare to reck a lot at the beginning tell you get use to the controls and don't get to lost in creating vehicles and that and forget to focus on beating the missions and unlocking the new worlds to see what else they have to offer.

Graphic wise this game is quite amazing specially the Land and Sea and the blending of bright colors can be quite nice. As you go further into the game you will see each world adds its own style the only problem i can see from time is the frame rate starts to slow down in some spots which can suck if your in a race but other then that the graphics were well layed out on this game with not to much problems as one would think.

I must say they did pretty good job on the Multiplayer side of things, which you can adventure against up to seven of your friends and also show off your wacky creations that you have pondered up ha. The competitions take place across the worlds from the game with simple races and trying to score some soccer goals. That make it a fun fast and exciting gameplay and another unique twist in the game is controlling time in which you can rewind your car by holding the back button, which allowing you to retry a corner or a bad crash. Another cool feature in this game is that you can share the Blueprints to your vehicles with friends.

Well great full the sound and music has no bad issues and you will actually find it quite nice. Even get some tracks from previous games in this franchise which have been remixed which gives us a great soundtrack. You will notice that the music and that will drop in and out depending on what you are doing and molding the tune into your surroundings. Other then the graphic issues from time to time with the slow frame rate and that everything else is pretty good.

Overall this game can be quite fun for adults and kids and keep everyone entertained in making wacky inventions with hours of fun. Try not to get to lost in making the machines and forget about the missions at hand and unlocking new worlds and just having a blast doing it. Like i said before the controls are kinda touching and do take some time to get use to.

Also if your a fan of these types of games you will have a blast in playing them that is one thing for sure as i had some fun going through and adventuring and collecting and also unlocking the new worlds and making cool vehicles and playing online was just as fun as single player.

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Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts



- Nov 12, 2008
- Nov 20, 2008
- Nov 11, 2008
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